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The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career. ” – C.S. Lewis


            The DVD


There are tons of great family devotional materials available today.  I know because our bookshelf is full of them.  However, in comparison to family game or movie night, the eagerness for Bible time seemed to be lacking for everyone in our family ‒ myself included.


I needed a tool to bridge that gap.  I needed a tool that created exciting

family time while incorporating the timeless teachings of the Bible.  

I needed a tool to help me fulfill my spiritual responsibilities as a

Christian parent to teach my child about God.

Interactive Family Bible Time!™ on DVD is the result of that need.


You do not have to be a Bible scholar or a teacher for

Interactive Family Bible Time!™ to work for your family.  Simply put

the interactive DVD in the player and the fun begins.  Your family is

taken on an Adventure through Bible stories, multiple choice questions,

memory verses, and games.  Best of all, Interactive Family Bible Time!™   

switches the focus from the DVD to family interaction and discussion. 

It does this by presenting ideas and questions relating to the theme of

The Adventure, and allows time for family discussion to take off.


With Interactive Family Bible Time!™ you are not just watching a TV screen. 

You are learning, interacting with your family, and having fun with the Bible.   Put those individual electronic devices down and get the family together for something truly meaningful.  Bible study.