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“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.” – Barbara Bush

parent tips:

              Additional advice and suggestions are given for each of the above sections.

bonus features:

What is salvation:

              Make clear the message of salvation to every family member.

additional scripture references:

              Pull out those Bibles for deeper insight into The Adventure.

look it up:

              You will need your Bibles again to find the answers to these tough questions.

Application and discussion:

              Ideas and questions relating to the theme of The Adventure are presented, allowing family discussion time to take off.  Take as long as you want ‒ there's no timer on this section.

Memory verse:

              Each memory verse is presented with an exercise to aid in memorization and a chance to try it on your own.  Can you do it before time runs out?

Prayer time:

              Family prayer time strengthens each person and helps cultivate a relationship with God.

Upcoming challenge:

              After the game is solved, a personal challenge relating to The Adventure topic is given to help put the teachings of the Bible into practice.


              A short DVD menu game, specific to each story, is given as a challenge.  It must be completed to see the Upcoming Challenge.

Multiple Choice Questions:

             A brief multiple choice quiz following each story is a fun way to review the lesson.

Jesus said:

             A specific quote from Jesus is given that relates to the theme of The Adventure.

The adventure

The Bible can be a lot of fun.  Its amazing stories are excellent ways for us to see the incredible hand of God moving in our world and in people's lives.  These events still contain powerful lessons to help us live today. 
Interactive Family Bible Time!™  presents some great Bible stories and helps us apply their teachings in our lives. Each Adventure follows the format below:

The Story:

            Unique artwork accompanies each narrated Bible story.

The Adventure