“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” – Confucius

Let's put those TV's and DVD players to good use. 


With the help of Interactive Family Bible Time!™ parents can now create exciting family time teaching their kids about the Bible and helping everyone in the family put its principles into practice.  You don't need to be a Bible scholar or teacher to use this DVD.  Just let Interactive Family Bible Time!™  guide you through The Adventure.  Spend some quality time with your family.


____77% of Americans identify themselves  as Christian.

         (Gallup®, 2012)

____There are an average of 4.4 Bibles in each household in America.

         ( American Bible Society, Barna Group, 2013)

____ People on average read their Bibles less than 4 times a year/below age 28 less than 3.

         (American Bible Society, Barna Group, 2013)

____Out of 744 hours a month, families spend about 18 hours together.

         (USA Today, 2009)        

____Families spend less than 1/2 hour of quality time together during the week.

         (Women of Grace article citing The Daily Mail, 2013)



                                 ____96.7% of households have TVs

                                 ____88% of those have DVD players

                                          (Nielson Co, 2013)







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