The best finished product gets its beginning from a great start, and this is where it all begins.  

We will bring our equipment to your place of business and start the process off correctly. 

With good lighting, correct white balance, and great planning, you are well on your way to a professional video.



If it sounds bad, it's harder to watch.  Part of our initial video recording is making sure the original audio is clean and the levels adjusted properly. Any additional audio we add to the mix will be professional quality as well.

Once cleanly recorded, simple EQing and volume balance help make everything pleasing to the ears.

If you have audio that needs synced to video or repaired, we can work on that for you as well.



There are a lot of moving parts within a great video. 

Our attention spans are very short these days.  Because of that, even the subtlest of animations can go a long way to keeping the audience engaged.

When done tastefully, the use of motion within the editing process can make good video great.   

Your video can also become an aggressive salesperson, through an Adwords Video Campaign.

​We can setup your video to reach your target audience!


The way a video is edited can quickly determine its success or failure.  Pacing or timing, cut styles and transitions, along with continuity and flow,  all work together to ultimately determine if the viewer is interested or not.

Our editing philosophy is not to just cut it to look professional, but edit the video in a way that makes the viewer want to watch again.

So whether its our video or a recorded video you are sending us, it will be edited in a way to keep viewer attention and have them wanting for more.

Even with all of today's great cameras, color correction and color grading are a must if your video is going to look its best.  All of our post productions work is done on calibrated monitors.

We color correct to make sure the white balance, contrast, and skin tones are all correct.  Any video related issues, from stabilization to video noise reduction, are all addressed at this stage of the production process.

The color grading comes in not only to give a video a certain "feel," but to make sure the lighting and grading directs the viewers eyes to the most important part of the story.

​If you have a video that needs help, send it to us.  We will be happy to work on making it look better for you.





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