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Bible Stories Come Alive Through Childs Artwork Posted: Feb 26, 2014 10:24 AM CST Updated: Feb 26, 2014 10:24 AM CST __ Liberty, MO - Rolled Away Productions announces the release of their debut DVD, Interactive Family Bible Time!, in which authentic child’s drawings are animated to the stories of the Bible. __ “We wanted a way to take the adventures of the Bible and make them seem less distant from our current lives. It’s important that kids relate to the Bible today, so we portrayed it in the style they draw,” said Bryant Welch of Rolled Away Productions. “We’re very proud of how it turned out and how captivating it is to all who watch.” __ The interactive DVD contains four “Adventures” geared for families with elementary aged children. Each Adventure consists of a Bible story and correlating Bible verse, multiple-choice questions, memory verse, questions to promote family discussion, and theme-related game. The DVD also contains bonus materials which allow parents the option of creating a more in depth and interactive experience. _ Rolled Away Productions has plans for producing several volumes in this series. _ Interactive Family Bible Time! is now available for sale at Amazon.com or from the producer’s web site: http://www.rolledawayproductions.com _ About Rolled Away Productions: Rolled Away Productions produces interactive multimedia for families centered around the Bible. _ Media Contact: Bryant Welch http://www.rolledawayproductions.com _ ReleaseID: 412335

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